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 Է͡ Kasuga Hoist switch, Pendant Pushbutton Station Switches and spare parts from Japan (Kasuga Brand)
 Է͡ Shinkoh ҡ ػóСͺкù˹ Hoist switch, Pendant Pushbutton Station Switches and spare parts including overhead crane accessories from Japan (Brand Shinkoh)
 Է Kito ѹԴ, Է͡俿ҡѹԴ (Kito) ҡ Explosion-proof Pendant pushbutton Station switches (d2G4 level of protection) from Japan.
 Transformer Made to Order, Japanese standard, Japanese Design, سҾ ѺҧԵ ŧ俿 سҾҹ
 ҧ ػóСͺ (ù˹) C rail and accessories (Overhead crane system)
 ͡ԧ, ͡ԧ Wire rope Hoist and Sling and spare parts
 Reversible Magnetic Contactor for Hoist Control system ๵Ԥ ͹ () ѺشǺ͡
 Cable Hanger high durability from Japan(Brand Shinkoh) with Plastic and Steel material, Applied to Sling, C rail and I Beam ػóѺ(سҾ٧) ẺԹ ԧ ҧ ҧ (I Beam)
 National (Matsushita) High Tro Reel & Tro Reel
 ػó¡ Material Handling Equpment Taiyo Japan (Kito)
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level of protection : d2G4 4 ͡ 2, 4, 6 8 (6 On/OFF) շ駡ҹẺ IN Door OUT Door (١ҡسк) ͡ҡ ѧö (ҹ¡ մ) ¡ҧҡ (1ا è 10) ...
Է 2, Two Pushbuttons Switches
շ single speed double speed

Available both single speed and dual speed contact. ...
Է Aluminium Pendant Pushbutton switches (Heat Resistance)
ʹ СѺҾҹ㹷س٧һ ö͡Сͺͧ ö¹᷹蹡ѹ öԵ 2 - 12

Aluminium pendant pushbutton switches.
Available 2-12 buttons
Heat resistant
Long Life enclosure.
High durability contact unit.
Spare parts is available to changed. ...
24 VA
ŧ俿 Եҹ Design Ե㹻 ...
End clamp with U Bolt
HMU18 48V
Reversible Magnetic contactor HMU18 Coil Applicable : 24V 48V 110V 220V 380V (12V is need to ask to mfg.) For Hoist Control Box. ...
Cable Hager on Wire Messenger , C rail and I Beam
High Durability Cable hanger from Japan (Shinkoh).

Provided Plastic (PC) and Steel type of hanger.

Applied on Wire Messenger, I Beam and C rail. ...
Hanger DH 5874K 4P

Taiyo Inka Lashing System ...
Է2 + emergency, Two Pushbuttons Switches with Emergency stop
˹ ͧ single speed double speed,

Available both single speed and dual speed contact. ...
͡ 2 - 12 ...
ٻҧ P220V S380V 50/60Hz Class A ...
Steel cable trolley
ٻԹ ...
HMU18 coil rating xx Volt
SDT type of Cable Hanger (Applied to Wire Messenger).
Made by Polycarbonate.

Work on Wire Messenger.

Suitable for light weight of cable.

Available for cable diameter 11-18 mm. and 19-29 mm. We have both for single and double cable.

Suitable for wire messenger diameter during 3-10mm. type

More details, Please call or email. ...
Hanger DH 5874K Hanger
Lashing System
Է 4 (+ emergency), Four pushbuttons switches (with or without Emergency stop)
١ҡ˹ͧ蹡ѹ (ö ҧ single speed double speed ǡѹ) 4 + emergency 蹡ѹ

Available 4 buttons and user can arrange contact unit during single and dual speed. ...
Է ...
Single phase, Isolation transformer ...
Plastic cable trolley
ٻԹ ...

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